By Ady Tiwari

Ebook YS 1.jpg

eBooks are digital copies of paperback books that can be accessed on most electronic devices. It was created with one motive - to replace paperbacks - but will it succeed? There are many advantages to eBooks which may say so.

One major benefit is the convenience and accessibility of eBooks. You can carry hundreds of them one tiny device in your purse or bag. Carrying that much material on something as slim and lightweight as a phone or kindle is really incredible! This is especially great for people who travel a lot or don't have enough space in their home.

Coming on to the accessibility - a paperback book is only available in a fixed font and text size but in most eBooks you can change all of that. You can edit the line-spacing, the font, almost anything to your liking. This is really useful for people with dyslexia or bad eyesight. eBooks also have an in-built dictionary, highlighter. translator and notetaker to enhance the reading experience.

Another major factor is the money. eBooks usually tend to be cheaper and cost less than paper books: there is no ink charge, no paper charge, no publishing charge and no manufacturing charge. You may have to spend a couple of hundred dollars on an iPad or other electronic device (or you could just use your current one if you have one!) but in the long run it can save you a lot of money.

The last point is that eBooks are much kinder on the environment. With eBooks you can save lots of paper and trees. Trees help to counteract global warming, they give us oxygen and they increase biodiversity which make them very important.

Whilst eBooks are great, there is also the feel of a paper book. The tangibility as you hold it, the scent of musty wood on the paper and the sensation of flickering through the pages. Most would consider this original, traditional style of reading superior but it is entirely your opinion.

In conclusion there is no clear winner. Both are good with their own advantages and disadvantages. If you like modernity and practicality then eBooks are for you. If you appreciate experience and uniqueness, then you may want to stick with paper books.