By Viraj Mehta

Michael Cohen 1.jpg

Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen has had a whirl of a month. Earlier in November he appeared in front of Congress to testify about the Russia investigation. Now, Cohen has admitted to lying in front of Congress and now faces 3 years in prison starting in March. But the story of Michael Cohen is very interesting, sparking new ideas and thoughts in the Russia inquiry, especially linking to Trump’s reaction to him.

Michael Cohen, 52, has been Trump’s personal lawyer during the duration of his presidency so far, and Trump congratulated him and praised him on numerous occasions, even defending him during the FBI raid of Cohen’s offices at a major New York law firm. Cohen, a stoic mutual defender of Trump, tweeted he would, “Always protect our POTUS.”

However, relations have deteriorated between the president and his lawyer, and the final straw was Cohen’s lie to Congress and that Cohen spilt the beans about Trump’s affair with Russia. These memos have been handled by Robert Mueller.

This has severely tarnished Trump’s reputation, especially since Trump dismissed him as a, “Weak person,” adding, "He's lying about a project that everybody knew about. I mean, we were very open with it." But what does this mean for the future of the Trump presidency? Well, its certain that Trump may be impeached, as he’s skating on thin ice since blow after blow are delivered to his presidency. It all rests upon Robert Mueller’s inquiry into the Russia scandal…