By Denis O'Sullivan

All star pic 1.jpg

Recently Manchester United and Belgium’s striker, Romelu Lukaku, proposed a Premier League All-Star game, similar to the annual NBA offering.

Every year NBA's best players are drafted into two opposing teams based on votes from fans, players and the media, with the two players who amass the most votes named as captains. Two 12-player teams are picked, plus reserves.

In his tweet, Lukaku tagged the premier League and the FA stating, “Here’s an idea for you guys. The NBA has an all-star game! Don’t you guys think we should organise one in the @premierleague. The north vs the south! And the fans vote... what do you guys think? @premierleague @FA.”

Granted there is nothing to be gained here but our entertainment, and the idea is popular in other sports and leagues around the world, with American sports in particular loving a star-studded showdown.

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Whilst some fans might feel extremely uncomfortable at the sight of seeing Manchester United and Liverpool or Arsenal and Spurs stars side-by-side, surely the chance to put the whole north-south rivalry to bed once a year would be well worth it. Consider the likes of Hazard and Kane partnering up to go against a team featuring Salah and Aguero and the results are too mouth-watering to comprehend.

In terms of predicting a winner, it is almost impossible to say with rivals playing together and a likely friendly atmosphere it would be a peculiar occasion. However, with the top 3 placed teams being from the North and Manchester City being so dominant this year it is difficult to argue against the spine of De Gea, Otamendi, De Bruyne and Salah. No matter how much speculation there is about who would win the star-studded fixture, we know for sure it would be an intriguing occasion that almost every football fan would love to see.