By Oscar Smith



After a hugely successful first series in 2016, with an average of 7.7 million viewers per episode (the most successful TV drama of 2016), Victoria has once again returned to its coveted prime time Sunday evening slot. The period drama charts the trials and tribulations that the young Queen faces whilst being monarch. Romance, assassination attempts and scandal, ITV’s period drama has it all.  Victoria herself is played by the dazzling Jenna Coleman who seems to slip into the role of the young Queen with ease, and unlike other dramas, the acting seems very natural and not at all forced. The British public has clearly fallen in love with Victoria and her relationship with Prince Albert (Tom Hughes) is wonderful to watch. However, that’s not to say the series hasn’t had its fair share of controversy. A tear or two was definitely shed by viewers as both Lord Melbourne (the Queen’s confidante) and Dash (her beloved dog) were both killed off in the last 10 minutes of a single episode. Episode seven also caused its own backlash after showing two of the main male characters, Lord Paget and Drummond sharing a rather sensual embrace and then a passionate kiss. If you’re looking for an action-packed drama, full of ups and downs, Victoria is a must see.

Hunted- Stand up To Cancer special-

Hurrah! Hunted is back on the TV; and to make things even better, this time the producers on Channel 4 have brought out a celebrity cast. The idea behind the show is quite a basic one, but it makes for fantastic entertainment: 7 celebrities are released in the centre of London and must stay undercover for two weeks. It sounds simple, but it isn’t. The celebrities are being hunted down by a team of highly skilled ex-military, police and special service operatives with cars, helicopters, cameras, bugs and even drones to help them. This year the fugitives in question are:  the incredibly posh Spencer Matthews and Jamie Laing from Made in Chelsea; Jay McGuiness and Siva Kaneswaran from the boyband ‘The Wanted’, which is fairly ironic considering they are now wanted by a team of hunters; Gogglebox’s Dom and Steph Parker and 90s TV star Anneka Rice. Whether the fugitives are caught or not, the show definitely makes for exciting viewing.


The Apprentice-

The Apprentice has once again returned to lighten up our Wednesday evenings. This year’s group of so-called ‘entrepreneurs’ are a perfect blend of cockiness, over- confidence and downright stupidity, which makes for hilarious viewing. The first show of the series saw the two teams selling burgers to the public. In a very amusing show the team of boys managed to miss lunch, falsely package products, market burgers at £9 and ultimately make a loss of over £100. Here’s some advice Lord Sugar: fire them all!

Music- Chris and Kem release debut single

After appearing on Love Island, Chris Hughes and Kem Cetinay have now tried their hand in the music industry. They have released their own take on grime music, which shot to 22nd in the charts within 24 hours of being released. ‘It’s a little bit leave it’ is a catchy tune which could yet reach number 1 in the charts.