By Ameesh Doobaree

Many migrants from across South America come every day to the great border of Mexico and the US to try and live “the American dream” as some call it and trying to flee the corruption and problems in their country, such as the high crime and gang violence. There have been many failures to accomplish what seems like the impossible task but a lucky few surpass the border. However, attempting this feat brings dangers along with it, with some migrants losing their fingers on the way; some even die along the perilous journey.

The President of the United States of America, Donald J Trump, has a firm opinion on this issue, banning asylum for illegal immigrants, forcing them to get asylum in Mexico and even doubting people in his own party. This is an issue that hasn’t just divided the US but the whole world.

It is fair to say that crossing the border is not an easy task. But luckily for the refugees, hope for most lies In Canada. Many seeking asylums come from somewhere in Africa. But to get to Canada, you need to get through the USA. Most have it easy, calling a cab. But this way is not easy on their wallets, costing from US$200-300 and also lose possessions of great sentimental value, limbs or even life.

YG Refugee Struggles 1.jpg

Seidu Mohammed and Razak Iyal were two immigrants, hoping to make it into Canada. At Christmas time, Seidu and Razak started their journey from Ghana to Canada. They had already been rejected from the US so they tried Canada instead but payed a big price. They first travelled through the USA through a cab and were dropped off about a mile away from the Canada/US border. They walked to the border and they lost their gloves and hats and they could only see “snow, wind and the cold”. Their hands froze, their eyes frozen shut. They were then taken to the hospital and lost their fingers in the process. This puts the issue into perspective of what they had to go through whilst the those in power seem to ignore these people.

Luckily this is not the case in every country but is still an unnoticed war that is still raging on. Another example seen lately is the saddening tale of children separated hundreds of miles away (in a different country) from their parents, most likely to never see them for the rest of their lives. I strongly feel that the right way to deal with this is to let them live a good life in the country they wish. In conclusion, this is something that many people sympathise but only few take action and there should be at least something to live for if they don’t even get into the country. Thank you for take the time to read about something that I feel that is one of the most important issues right now.