By Kiaron Lad

Jamaican Usain Bolt is an Olympic legend who has been called “the fastest man alive” for smashing world records and winning 9 gold medals as a champion at the 2008, 2012 and 2016 Summer Games. The Jamaican revealed that one of his biggest dreams is to play for Manchester United and he says that he has even spoken to former Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson about it.

Usain Bolt 1.jpg

Usain Bolt retired from athletics after the 2017 World Championships. 14 months later, the former Jamaican sprinter, started training with the Central Coast Mariners. He also received offers from clubs in France and Spain. He declined these offers because he would have to learn a different language.

In his first match on the 31st of August, he scored twice in the match. He previously trained with clubs in Germany, South Africa and Norway without being offered a contract.


He had an offer of a professional contract from Maltese club Valletta FC last week, but turned it down. His agent says the deal was rejected so that the 32 year old can continue to pursue his dream to become a professional footballer in Australia. However, in footballing terms, 32 is quite old when most other players become professionals at the age of 16.